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Who Is Silvia Christensen With Wealth Builders Realty?

Who is Silvia Christensen?

Hello, friends! My name is Silvia Christensen. I wanted to tell you a little about myself, why I started Wealth Builders Realty, and what you can expect to learn about real estate investing from our team.

I am the owner and Associate Broker of Wealth Builders Realty at Keller Williams Realty Boise, Idaho. I have been an agent, an investor, and a property manager for almost 20 years, both in California and Idaho.

I’ve learned quite a bit from every hat I’ve worn in this industry. I’ve realized the natural way to wealth is simple in this noisy marketplace filled with fast-talking salespeople touting the latest get-rich scheme.

Why Do I Focus on Real Estate Investing?

Real estate investing is infinitely more attainable than most people imagine. The biggest obstacle to overcome is the lack of financial education. You’ve probably heard it said that success is simple, but it isn’t easy. I aim to make this channel a place to share the simple process and strategies to get you started on your property investment journey.

I will share easy tips on how to get started and help you understand what you should know before you even begin investing in a property. I will cover essential lessons I’ve learned along the way and how to avoid the messy pitfalls of making a poor investment choice. I will tell you about the many advantages of owning real estate and the responsibilities of managing this incredible asset. And because I live in Nampa, Idaho, I will give you market updates and show you what you can expect from owning and managing residential real estate here in the Treasure Valley.

Real estate investment has blessed my family immensely and has enabled us to be a blessing to others in return. As you learn about this tremendous wealth-building tool, I hope you will be as amazed as I am by what it can do for your legacy.

Real Estate Education: Is It for Everyone?

Real estate investment education is for everyone, whether just starting in life or getting ready to retire. When you are ready to see how property investment fits within your success goals, contact us or download our Investment Guide. Until then, let’s let the learning begin!

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